4 Steps to Becoming a Freelance Writer

You’ve probably been wondering how to venture into the online writing world to prowess your writing skills. You must have met or heard about qualified writers or bloggers and thought of becoming one?

Then worry no more because am about to show you the steps to follow and become a top-notch writer. This article will cover how to commit to writing, choosing a niche, creating a captivating portfolio, and finally selling yourself by cold pitching and publishing your articles and blogs on your website.

The following are four simple steps that will get you going in your freelancing career.


Owning a car is always perceived to be a necessity for the rich but this has changed due to the growth of the middle class. Many car brands are coming up in the market hence a huge competition for imports and local manufacturing. The latest survey from Car Importers Association of Kenya(CIAK), reveal that 130,000 cars were imported in 2019. The number decreased to 65,000 in 2020 due to Corona Virus Pandemic that came with restrictions.

Mobius, a local manufacturer which was founded in 2011 by Joel Jackson, released their first generation of cars in Kenya in 2015. The second…

Budgeting can be a hard task since you may have friends pushing you to spend more while trying to cut on expenses, having a too strict budget and emergencies may render you off-budget.

If you’ve been having a difficult time tracking your income and the respective expenses for a specific period then you need to look no further.

Below are three easy steps to follow and budget proficiently to achieve your financial objectives and freedom.

Step 1. Establish your Income



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